Urban redevelopment

Urban redevelopment from out the hart of Feijenoord

Over the last few months numerous parties and stakeholders have been worked hard at the initiative Helderheid (which translates as Clearness). Challenged by the municipality of Rotterdam, supported by Stijlgroep landscape and urban design and the Stichting Zuidzijde, the ideas of the group Helderheid has been manifested in a so called Stadsinitatief (City initiative). This initiative has been submitted on 30th of December last year and will be judged by the Board and the inhabitants of Rotterdam within the next few months as part of the Stadsinitatief.
Stijlgroep | Stadsinitiatief Helderheid
All parties joined together agreeing on the Helderheidsplein (square of Helderheid) as base: public realm as starting point, social connection as a mean and urban redevelopment as goal; and all of it from out the heart of the neighbourhood Feijenoord itself.

Also check: www.helderheidbokaal.nl

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