Urban redevelopment

Designing is storytelling

As landscape architect
we design our every day environment
we design squares, parks, new neigbourhoods
we design here in the Netherlands and abroad.

But whatever and wherever we design
we are storytellers, as well
whenever we develope concepts and ideas
we visualize and communicate them

New layers blend over existing images
complete each other like a jigsaw puzzle
powerfull and appealing images emerge
enchant and seduce the viewer.

Visualisation of our design proposal of Westhavenplaats, Vlaardingen (NL).

2 thoughts on “Designing is storytelling

  1. A picture is worth a thousand words ….. Imagine what story lies behind this wonderful movie! I am more than proud Stijlgroep selected our project to show one of the many qualities of their company.

    Patrick Doodkorte

  2. I am just feeling like standing there. This is really impressive! Please share such wonderful impressions more often with the blog-readers.

    Best regards

    Hendrik van der Elst

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