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The poetic art of landscape

Stijlgroep | Art by landscape designer
Do you know this amazing feeling standing in front of an enormous painting? Your body freezes, your eyes are getting slightly glassy and your whole body is paralysed… and at this moment it is clear you are captured by the painting itself, there is no way back, no escape, your whole attention is drawn to this one piece of art and nothing – neither the giggling kids, nor the painting next to you – can derive you.

Couple of years ago I imagined how great it would be to be an artists and having people standing in front of one of my images in an prestigious museum like the MoMA, Guggenheim or even the
Louvre… Well as you might guess that dream didn’t became reality and sure enough for some reason.

But a couple of days ago I had some kind of the same feeling as standing right in an museum and looking at an art piece, and actually I have been nowhere else then at work. All of a sudden I saw on a screen a pattern which attracted my attention: what I saw was not any more a simple AutoCAD drawing but art, reminding me somehow of Henri Matisse.

Stijlgroep | a real Matisse?
And indeed I do remember another plan we designed in Leiden. The poster we send the client has been hang up in his office and has been considered as arty by different people.

Stijlgroep | Art - Springerpark Leiden

Evenso I am not painting with watercolours or acryl, my dream didn’t get lost: somehow I am also an artist and we all are, just in different ways.
I am an “artist” by being a landscape architect: Sometimes I am a painter when I do make beautiful plans and perspectives which can be almost as abstract as a cubistic painting or as soft and light flooded as an impressionistic one. Other times I am a “poet” when I am inspired from a certain image or atmosphere: a crack as the poetic reminiscence to a dried up river bed or ice floes as a veiled reference to the global warming.

And as much as I am an “artist” you are:
You are a flower seller? Well you are an artist arranging a loose collection of flowers into the most magnificent bouquets.
You are an economist? You are an artist as well handling complex facts with passion and patient.

Let’s keep up our arty ways and let’s paint the world in the brightest colours.

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