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A place to recreate

a place to recreate | Stijlgroep
Due to a positive economic development large groups of Brazilians are able to realise their dream. Their biggest and most basic wish is to have a roof above their head; their next aim is to possess a second home. While the first house is being located in the city, Brazilians looking for a second home outside the busy urbanity with the aim to spend all available free time there. The most favourite place is the coast, the hilly inland has a good second place. The coast is very beautiful, but also has a beautiful landscape in first line. Especially around Fortaleza the trade winds generate a landscape full of dynamic and diverse landscape atmospheres. Presently people became aware of the fact that this landscape should be protected. Therefore larger developments in certain areas are taboo.

We met a group of investors who have achieved strategic acquisitions at particular places. These areas are definitely not intended for European tourist but for Brazilians to realize their wish of a second home.

Both the investors and the cooperating government recognize the importance of landscape in a leading role for the whole development. For that purpose Stijlgroep has been asked to step into that process. In the meantime the first plan is under construction at a location about 120 kilometres from Fortaleza.

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