Landscape architecture

Radboud University, Nijmegen – A ‘firstling’ in a renewed landscape

We recently presented the draft design for the new-build of the Faculty of Law for Radboud University in Nijmegen. We have particularly enjoyed working together with a fantastic team (comprising Stijlgroep / EGM architects / DHV) and we have produced a complete plan in a very short space of time. We are proud that our plan was second in the competition, because the principal has indicated a great appreciation for the landscape paragraph in the plan. I would like to share our vision with you.

The new accommodation will occupy a special site in the Gamma campus, which is to be newly developed. As the firstling, the new-build structure will set the tone for the coming decades during which the southern part of the campus will be modernised.

Our plan provides designs for both the building and the landscape as part of a vision of the future site in which the landscape takes priority. Buildings, sites and parking zones in open space exist at present in a wooded environment and the structures that have already stood there for some time can hardly be seen. The aim of our vision is to give back as much of the landscape as possible, to restore the historical structure and to add new structures to this. We can do this by extending the landscape over the parking facilities and by keeping the footprint of the building as compact as possible. This will enable us to develop a woodland-rich environment containing space for accommodation facilities such as seating areas, a green and an open-air cinema. By restoring the historical structure, these new spaces will be linked together in a natural way. The aim is to make students and staff want to stay on campus during their free time as well.

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