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New urban strategies on wind.

Sensational System | Park Of The WindEvery half year there is a workshop at the Rotterdam Academy. In previous posts you could see the results of last year. This time we focused on the relation and interaction between climate, architecture and the city and the direct impact climate change could have on our built environment. This was under supervision of R. Pasel and M. Krautheim.

Together with Suet Chan I made the plan Sensational System. It is an urban study, in which the experience of the urban network is of paramount importance. The city needs to inspire people, not only visually but with all senses. The climatologically characteristics of a place in general and the factor wind in particular can promote and stimulate this. The study area Waalhaven is located on 51.9’NB in Rotterdam. Wind from southwest is the most common wind at this spot. On the basis of examinations “wind principles” are outlined, which are used in the design phase to generate this transformation. The result is a plan in which wind is directed, controlled or even increased; a plan in which the identity of the place is characterized by (wind) experience.

Here you can see our pannels. Click to enlarge…

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