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Landscape as structure; Houtribhoogte Lelystad

The city of Lelystad rest on newly claimed ground, the Flevopolder is only 60 years of age. The site for the Houtribhoogte required a unique statement.

Lelystad Houtribhoogte | Stijlgroep
It is clamped between three forceful areas; the harbour, theĀ  sealock-complex and the Museumquarter. We collaborated with Klunder architects in designing a one of a kind living environment. We used the fresh history of the site, a former ground depot of the polder-development company to articulate a dune-like landscape on which the individual dwellings are scattered. Sandy crescents and low spots form over 75% the site, Enclaves of different houses integrate with the landscape introducing a new layer of richness.

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