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Our assignments vary significantly in terms of content and scope. Over the years, we have worked on a variety of visions and master plans, as well as work specifications for an outdoor space, for example. As our specialism covers a broad range of fields, we are able to offer our knowledge and expertise to our clients in different stages of a project.

It is not uncommon that we are asked to draw up a master plan in the early stage of a project and we ultimately remain involved in the project group right up to supervising the project while it is under construction. Due to the fact that we operating as an office for landscape and urban design for many years now, we are often the party which has been mosted involved in the process. Therefore we are familiar with the entire previous history of a project. You could say that this makes us the ‘backbone’ of the project.

Stadpark from design to detail | Stijlgroep
As we keep the original vision in mind throughout the entire process, we ultimately achieve a high-quality plan in which the original intentions remain recognisable. Providing support to our client and the various parties involved in the project throughout this long process is a challenge for us and a responsibility, but one that we are happy to bear.

Once more it becomes true: landscape is leading… right from the beginning up to the end of a project.

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