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We are delighted and honoured by the fact that- after numerous international publications during the last couple of months- LW magazine (South Korea) published in Volume 51 a special feature about Stijlgroep.

Enjoy reading and flicking through the volume!

Stijlgroep | landscape architecture
A quite large selection of our most recent projects is showcased:
– from large landscape designs (Delta Psychiatric Centre) to proposals in the context of healing environment (Maasstad Hospital) and large urban planning projects for leisure and living environments.
– from projects in our near surrounding such as the Market or Westhaven-Square in Vlaardingen to projects far away such as the prestigious Hospitality in Rio de Janeneiro next to the Olympic plot won by AECOM.

Stijlgroep | healing environment
Independent of size and subjects and location of every project, they have all one thing in common: our distinctive design attitude based on the three pillars:

… landscape as foundation
… the human factor
… the context and spatial setting

As a team of designers and technical advisors we can ensure through our holistic that the dreams of our clients become reality.

Stijlgroep | urban planning and design
In LW magazine you are not only seeing a selection of our most inspiring projects, but the way we do design and think.

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