Winter dream in a winter castle

Stijlgroep | snowcastle

When winter comes
We dream of cold sunny days
We dream of sparkling snow

When winter comes
We dream of skiing in The Alps
We dream of sleigh riding in the Antarctica

When winter comes
We dream of spending a great time with friends and family
We dream of both, calm and adventurous days

When winter comes this year
We don’t have to dream about it
We can make it real…

And the experience is not at the far end of the North Pole, Siberia or the Antarctica.
In The Alps either at the Zugspitze, or in Zermatt/ Engelberg/ Gstaad (Switzerland) this dream can become true:

The IGLU-Dorf-GmbH developed a concept to build small Eskimo-like villages in The Alps combining the adventure of staying in the nature and offering the luxury of modern live.

What seemed from the outside a pretty simple place to stay…

Stijlgroep | snowcastle outside
Manifest itself as a real surprise from the inside,
where in numerous weeks of work not only minimalistic rooms are made…

Stijlgroep | snowcastle work
…but also very fancy and impressive rooms
including bars and ice sculptures.

Stijlgroep | snowcastle interior
Even for the ones who search for wellness or romantic moments
unique places are created.

Stijlgroep | snowcastle romance
A great concept
which make me wish to be there already by now!

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