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Stijlgroep | Rijnhavenbrug

Stijlgroep | Rijnhavenbrug afmeerpalen

One year ago work started on a new bridge by the winning design of Quist Wintermans Architekten.

This week the final and also movable section of the new Rijnhaven bridge in Rotterdam has been lifted into place. The bridge now forms a direct connection between the Wilhelminapier at one side of the harbour and Katendrecht on the other side.

The bridge will ultimately be opened to the public on Wednesday the 8 of February 2012. From that day on people from Katendrecht can walk and cycle to the Wilhelminapier and all the way to the city centre without detour (and vice versa off course).

The new bridge has a total length of 160 meters and measures 11 meters at it’s widest point. In total the entire construction weighs in at approximately 800,000 kg. The bridge was build in the factory of construction company Hillebrand in Middelburg and was transported over water in three parts.

Here, on Rijmond TV, you can see the latest update of the project by Anand Raghoenath of Public Works Rotterdam.

Fun fact: they are still looking for a new name. But as always, the people of Rotterdam will give it a name on their own!

Stijlgroep | Rijnhavenbrug artist impression

Stijlgroep | Rijnhavenbrug artist impressionStijlgroep | Rijnhavenbrug at night

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