Happy Birthday PC

1981 | First PC

2011 | Smallest PC nowadays

Who can live without it? Without it you wouldn’t be able to read this blog. The Personal Computer (PC) and everything that came with it.

We work with it, connect by it, play on it and some even go to sleep with it. It’s an invention that changed our lives. Many of us can’t even remember a life without them (the younger people among us didn’t even live without it). But today, on the birthday of the PC, we are drawn to the fact that this invention only exists for as little as 30 years.

Although we love the possibilities PCs and electronics provide us with but working with it has it’s downsides. For example: what are you going to do when your at work and the power goes down? This is something we experienced a few weeks ago and lets just say:  ‘It’s a good reason to clean up your desk’. 

Let’s wait and see what the future might bring. Who knows, maybe in twenty years time modern icons like IBM, Microsoft and Apple might be just a small name in our history books.

One thought on “Happy Birthday PC

  1. It’s a good thing that in these 30 yrs prices dropped a little: I remember buying my 1st Apple (a monster with 4 MB memory!!!) for the same amount that I would spend on my car now (and yes: it has four wheels and I can show myself in it.. )

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