A fence is advertising

Shopping streets are strongly influenced by shop owners, customers and residents. Creating a space that appeals to all groups is a great challenge. I guess simplicity is the key. Flashy billboards drowning each other in a shopping street eventually dissolve into one big glow of light and color.

Recently I read on The Cool Hunter about a Berlin-based photographic street art collective, Mentalgassi, which has made a protest poster in London. Togheter with the creative duo Kristen Rutherford and Lisa Jelliffe (from London’s Brothers & Sisters agency) they ‘re “Making the invisible visible”. The posters, depicting a close-up face, are mounted on fence railings that disguise the posters so that the face behind the bars is revealed only when viewed from an angle.

This principle can well be used as an advertising sign without cluthering the public space. In my opinion this is a great and simple solution.

Check Mentalgassi to see more of their creative work.

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