99 balloons

A colorful illusion

Nina Hagen’s song 99 Luftballons (German for balloons) has become a real hit, and this house in Wexford in the southeast of Ireland has star qualities as well: a mass of colorful balloons pour out of the holes of the torn wall, empty beer bottles standing in the window.

Optical illusion | total

At first glance, we mean to see the remains of a boisterous night of partying. But this is deceptive:
The Irishman Ciaran Brennan has conjured up a visual illusion of the very finest. Looking more closely we see with what skill and finess this artwork was painted.

Optical illusion | side wall

Optical illusion | Detail

One thought on “99 balloons

  1. I think the song was composed by Nena instead of Nina Hagen. The pictures are beautiful as a trompe d’oueuil.

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