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Fency: a renewing aproach in psychiatric health care

Stijlgroep | DPC Blaak
It is very much likely that we will restart our work for the Forensic Clinic/ Delta Psychiatric Centre in the commission of EGM Architects.

This restart is for us also the moment to look back onto projects we have already realized on the 67 hectare big terrain. The pavilion De Blaak is one of those projects and one of the most important ones regarding its new and innovative approach. The building, being designed by Huibers & Jarring Architects/ Veenendaal, is characterized by its strong connection and interaction with the landscape. The fencing element around the pavilion is not only a furniture element but indeed the feature element per se…

Next to the policlinic function De Blaak has been designed for acute admissions in a closed division. Following the experiences with the old residence building De Laurenshof, which has been shut down for quite a while, Stijlgroep got the permission for an experiment in consultation with the client. The high fencing elements, which dominated the whole patio of Laurenshof, have been replaced by low and more subtle elements. Our assumption was that the high quality of the patio will have positive influence on the clients. Assuring clients will have the feeling to be able to move freely will ensure they will stay much more likely inside the patio.

And indeed our assumption has proved right! Not only the amount of ‘escapes’ has been reduced significantly, but also some of the isolation cells of this department have been not used until now.

A great success for a great approach! We are proud the approach turned out to be the right one and convinced even the strongest sceptics…

Stijlgroep | DPC Blaak

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