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Adegeest Voorschoten

Adegeest Voorschoten

In july 2015 the elderly care centre Adegeest in Voorschoten opened.

This project included  the rebuilding of the old care centre to the current requirements at the same location. For that purpose the residents of the centre had to move temporarily to another centre in the neighbourhood.

Stijlgroep was involved in the project to design the landscape and public area around the building.

We intended to create an environment for the people where they feel at home and save for, hopefully, a long time. In co-operation with the client and architect we tried to make the best possible connection between building and public space.

Another great thing for Stijlgroep was our role in the participation in the execution of the project as a supervisor for the client.

It was great to see all the aspects of creating the surroundings of the centre in collaboration with the building of the new centre.

It was a good thing to see that the intention we had with the public space worked out as we hoped for and that it now makes a perfect connection with the architecture.

Another part of our contribution to the realisation of the project was the design of the roof gardens, which worked out very well as you can see.

The only thing which has not yet been fullfilled is the transformation of  a part of the public outdoor space into greenery due to the seasonal circumstances. That’s a thing for the upcoming fall season.

After the completion of the project we hope and assume that the landscape will be a place where people feel at home, even more than they do now.


Stijlgroep_Adegeest_Tuin achterzijde

Stijlgroep_Adegeest_Slingerpad achterzijde


Stijlgroep_Adegeest_ tuin achterzijde


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