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Urban stories: the joy of the moment

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Living in a city equals for most people living in an exciting, stimulating environment. Hardly anyone does associate nature with an urban environment. The perception of city and urbanity is mostly linked to grey paved areas of high density. The following artwork by the British artist Stanza does symbolically stand for this kind of view.

Stijlgroep | Stanza artwork
But urbanity is much more then that: Urbanity is also green, sometimes light, sometimes dark green, sometimes tiny, sometimes large.

Of course we all do know to find the parks and green spots within the urban sprawl. And no one could imagine London without Greenwich Park along the Thames, New York without Central Park or Paris without Versailles. But we don’t have to travel up to London, New York or Paris to find a piece of ‘nature’ in the city; we can find it in our very close environment, in our daily live… just a couple of days I became aware of this fact.

Stijlgroep | Urbanity

Stijlgroep | parks
I was on my way to my local supermarket just around the corner, it was one these grey, rainy days where your mood is almost at a deep point because all you want is to feel a ray of warm sunlight in your face… well, anyway waking to the supermarket a Moroccan boy just cycled past me and was kind of shouting something to me. To be honest I couldn’t be bothered right at this moment and I didn’t pay attention to him, just kept on walking, unimpressed and mulish. Just a few meters further the kid was waiting for me on its bike and this time I didn’t try to ignore him. With small fingers he pointed to a climbing plant right in front of us and next to the entrance door of a detached house. Following his finger I could see what does attract his attention and what I have never realized before, even so I do pass this spot almost every single day: in the middle of the noisy environment of the street a blackbird had built its nest, and now young birds are chirping. And I felt how a smile covered and the face of the kid was full of pride because it was him who discovered this ‘small secret’.

Stijlgroep | bird 's nest
It was then when I realized that there is a small surprise for all of us in our every day life, all we have do is: to make time and to open our eyes for the beauty of the urban nature; and I can promise you, you will find a lot of those small things and moments which can make your day.

So keep your eyes open and maybe listen the next time to a kid who is trying to get your attention!!!

What was the last thing you discovered and which made you aware of the beauty of nature?

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