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Stijlgroep | Hogeschool Rotterdam pavement
The square in front of Rotterdam University is finished. The new design transforms the former dark square into a warm, sunny and modern spot. Despite the fact that the square is smaller than before, due to the new pavilion designed by BD Architecture, it has preserved its open and green character. The warm look is mainly generated by the yellow and brown bricks of the pavement which create summer all year long.

Stijlgroep | Hogeschool Rotterdam before
The mature trees near the entrance form the most important green structure. The trees, 5 Carpinus of about 10 meters high, which originally stood at the location of the pavilion, have been replanted after two years on a temporary location. Besides their visual impact the trees fulfil a second task. As the pavilion has a largely glass fa├žade orientated on the south , the trees block the excess of sunlight and prevent to much light and heat entering the pavilion.
Further on the old pond from 1959 has been retained in our design proposal, only its inner- and outer layer have been replaced. In fact through minor amendment it has been transformed into a main feature of the scheme: seating elements invite students to enjoy the sunny days on top op the pond.

So next time your in the neighbourhood: grab an ice cream and cool of your feet in the refreshing pond.

Stijlgroep | Hogeschool Rotterdam after

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